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Greg Pritchard

I am a multi and inter-disciplinary artist with a long history as performance artist, writer (in many genres), digital media artist, installation artist, and conceptual artist. I have worked independently and as part of various collectives and partnerships, to produce works that merge the live performance stage with virtual environments. My performances deal with philosophical, political and environmental issues.


I am an experienced teacher and arts administrator, and have a Doctorate in Literature and a Masters in Visual Art.

I was Cultural Program Director for the 2016 Regional Arts Australia Conference held in Dubbo in late October 2016, working with Regional Arts NSW. I was also the Artistic Director of the Artlands Opening Event.


My interest in visual art, including an obsession with shadows, closely paralleled the development of the Natimuk Frinj Biennale and I have created many ephemeral works for the festival, as well as having solo shows in Natimuk's Goat Gallery. In recent years I have travelled to Senegal, Indonesia and Singapore for residencies. I was chosen both for Time_Place_Space_Nomad NSW with Performance Space and Time_Place_Space_Nomad Victoria with Arts House.

In 2006 I co-founded (with Anna Loewendahl) Play at Being and performed and co-devised Arthur and Francois, Skyjuice and Lit From
Within. In 2009 Play at Being was transformed into Thieves. I performed with Thieves in The Storm Glass 2010 (as Company in Residence for the Wesley Performing Arts Centre in Horsham) and in 2012 the Theatre Board funded site specific one person performance Oliver’s Tale.​ Thieves are currently working with Transience's Dave Jones on a technologically complex story called Feed (image below on left). (Note: Scammers have set up a website at - this is totally bogus).

I have been rockclimbing since I was 15, worked for 15 years as a climbing guide, and for many years was one of the world's foremost climbing writers. This led to an interest in writing, and I have published poetry, short stories, academic articles and books.

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