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I am an inveterate traveller: errant, nomad, vagabond. I have travelled quite a bit in Australia. As a child my father, who worked for the Snowy Scheme, moved us to Khancoban, Talbingo, Melbourne and Nowra. We holidayed in Tathra and Urunga. When I was 11, my father and I travelled up through Western Queensland to the centre of Australia and back through SA and Broken Hill. I claim I was Australia's greatest hitch-hiker and hitched across the Nullabor and back in 11 days in 1982, and returned on a climbing tour of Western Australia in 1983. In 1989 I again travelled with my father, when he asked me to come with him on his long service leave. We drove a Subaru 1800 right around Australia in 28 days. In 1995 I lived in a bus (Toyota Coaster) with my family for 7 months and travelled across to WA and up the Coast to Darwin, before coming back through the Centre (on Austudy).


I started overseas travel in 1986, travelling to Malaysia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Russia, Poland, East Germany, West Germany, Switzerland, France and England. I returned to Europe in 1988 visiting Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as Germany and Switzerland again and returning through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In 1990 and 1993 I travelled extensively in Thailand and Malaysia. Then work, study and a family slowed me down for 15 years.


I started travelling again in 2008, visiting Laos and Vietnam, and Fiji. In 2010, I visited Indonesia and Singapore, and in 2011 had a residency in Singapore. In 2012 I returned to Indonesia, visiting Bali for the first time. In 2013 I travelled to Senegal for a residency, then through Mauritania to Morocco and onto Spain and Berlin. I then travelled to India and spent two months in Goa, Kerala and Karnataka. In 2015 I travelled to Singapore and Vietnam again. And in 2017 I returned to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (Java and Sumatra).

Despite it's proximity, I did not travel to New Zealand until 2018


My travels are recorded blog is





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