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Pritchard, G.R. 2017, “How Green Was Your Schopenhauer, Building Sustainability with the Arts: Proceedings of the 2nd National EcoArts Australis Conference. Ed: David Curtis

Pritchard, G.R.: 2003. "Moby-Dick and the Philosopher of Pessimism," Australian Journal of American Studies 22, 1: 34-48.

Pritchard, G.R.: Spring 2006, "A Whale, a bear and a fish", Ecocriticism and the lessons of Schopenhauer." Green Letters (UK)  Number 7.

Pritchard, G.R.: November 2006, "Salt Lakes and Swamps: Michael Meehan's Australian Environments" Colloquy. 

Pritchard, G.R.:  2008, “J.M.Coetzee and the ‘problem of evil’”, ed: Baral, Kailash, New Perspectives on J.M. Coetzee, Pencraft, Delhi.​ 

Pritchard, G.R:  2010, Jill McLeod, Lifeline, Times Four catalogue, Art is …Elemental festival.


2021 fourW, Three Oranges,  Gilbey, David (ed),  fourW 30, fourWpress. Wagga.

2020 1st prize Open Section. Naomi Williams Wiradjuri Poetry Prize, with Marrambidya.

2019 Atlas Poetica 39 : A Journal of World Tanka, with Jason Richardson.

2019 four4W I paid thirty dollars for a book of contemporary poetry, Gilbey, David (ed),  fourW 30, fourWpress. Wagga.

2017 Slow Book project with Kelly Leonard. Haiku's woven and placed in the landscape. Exhibited in October 2017 in Narrandera Art Space.

2014 Five poems published in Skinning Honesty online anthology.

​2013 One of the Nights, Australian Love Poems, Inkermann and Blunt. Melbourne. Reprised on ABC Poetica 15/2/2014 and featured in an opera of the same poems.

2013 The Man who fell in Love with a Magpie, Windmills, Deakin University, Geelong.
2013 Right Now Human Rights Website

2012 van Hecke, Blaise  and Zigomani, Les, two poems included in Journey, Busybird Publishing and Design, Eltham.

2011, Gilbey, David (ed),  fourW twenty-two, fourWpress. Wagga.


In 2002 I wrote the world's longest haiku (3.2km long) as part of the Natimuk Frinj Festival.


2021 Sydney Review of Books, The Long Climb,

2021 Stumpy Tail Lizard, post card, Melbourne City of Literature.

2021 March 2nd   Canberra Times My father built the Snowy, but his heart would break at Snowy, 2.0


In February 2002, Greg's book Climbing Australia, The Essential Guide was published by New Holland, Sydney. Later, he worked with New Holland and Simon Carter Onsight on a number of climbing books.


As part of the 2005 Nati Frinj, he established the publishing company Skink Press (to publish the creative works of the Natimuk community, and have subsequently published Rob Leach’s novel The Rope Dancer and Keith Lockwood’s Arapiles: A Million Mountains.

Prior to this he had published several guidebooks, small magazines including the Australian New Zealand climbing magazine Screamer, and a number of print and online zines.

1984 - 2013  As a freelance journalist, he published many articles on a variety of topics and short fiction.

Magazines and newspapers in which he has had work published include:
Alpinist (US), Action Asia (Hong Kong),Action Outdoors, Alpinist (US and online), Australian Backpacker, Australian Rockclimber, Catastrophe, Climbing (USA), Employment Weekly, On the Edge (UK) (which included him in their top 100 contributors in their 100th Issue) , Outdoor Australia, Rock, Signature, The Age, The Silver Kris (Malaysia), Wild, Alp (Italy), Crux.


Has written a novel, The Dog Tree (2013) and is currently looking for a publisher.

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