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Greg Pritchard Projects

I have been producing and aiding production for many years now and have decided it needs it's own page.

The Projects I am working on currently are:

Riding the Scorpion's Tail - a complete descent of the 1485 km of the Marrambidya (Murrumbidgee) River as an art project, with an exhibition in Canberra's M!6 Gallery in May. Scorpion's Tail

Limelight - a project on the island in Wodonga which was meant to be in 2021 but got cancelled due to a predicted extreme weather event.

Karst - A performance in the Abercrombie Caves and one other venue with Alana Schacher, WeiZen Ho and Bonnie Curtis Projects. Funded by Southern Tablelands Arts.

Previous Projects

2021 Marrambidya Festival. Three hours of music, dance, poetry and performance on bank of river in Wagga Wagga. 

2019 Artstate Tamworth. The Regional Arts NSW 3rd Artstate iteration. As Artistic Director.

2018 The Poppet, One of the key performances for Creative Victoria's Regional Centre for Culture Program on the mining tower look-out in the Rosalind Park in the CBD. Producer.

2016 Artlands Dubbo. The artistic program of the Regional Arts Australia conference/festival and the Opening Event.

Photos by Michelle McFarlane and Justin Hewitson 

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