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Visual and Conceptual Art

Visual Art Exhibitions and Works


2022 Homo Bulla Revisited, WAYOUT, Kandos, NSW.

2021 Hey Google, Show Me the Art,

2021 Homo Bulla, part of No Show, Carriageworks, Sydney.

2020 Dancing Fears, Chute Space, M16, Griffith, ACT.

2020 The Kardashian Series, street art, Wagga. 

2020 Pertubations and Portmanteaus, Turbo Gallery, Rainbow.

2019 The Forest, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Dubbo, Groundwork residency.

2018 Falls Creek residency, March

2018 Anamorphic Resonance, Public Art project with Dave Jones, Leeton.

2017 The Shadow Before, Goat Gallery, Natimuk. Blogpost:

2017 Water Balloons, with Dave Jones, Wagga Illuminate Festival. NSW.

2016 Tatiana and the Ruby Wombat, Old Firestation Art Centre, Dubbo.

2015 When Desire Becomes an Illness, Guerie, NSW - part of #Bringtolight project.

2016 C.R.O.W (Coal Ruins Our World) Kandos Projects, Kandos.

2015 The Passage, Cementa 15 Satellite Program, Bird's Hut, Kandos. With Bryden Williams.

2014 Omnia Vanitas, solo show at the Goat Gallery.

2013 Nati Frinj Biennale projects including Australia 7/9/13 (Goat Gallery Group Show)

Eco Condos For Sale, Crap Dance Party and Brass in Pocket.

Can be seen at 

2013 Virtual Reality (with The Ronalds), Underbelly Arts 2013, Cockatoo Island.

2013 N'Dar Ways: Intimate Animations, WAAW, St Louis, Senegal.

2012 Yanco Power Station (with Tim Coulter), NSW.

2012 Jatiwangi Artist Residency Festival, Jatiwangi, Indonesia
2012 wordplayswordplay, Roxy Art Space, Leeton.
2011 The Passionate Embrace, Instinc residency, Singapore.
2011 Delays Expected, Fable, Nati Frinj.

Fable can be seen here 

2010 Square Pegs, Natimuk.
2010 Self-Noise-Love-Death, Goat Gallery, Natimuk
2010 An Oak Tree, 2010, Darling Gardens, Clifton Hill.
2009 Haiku Lanterns and The Unbearable Lightness, Nati Frinj (Arts Vic)
2009 TS Eliot, The Wasteland, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Art is … group show.
2008 The Big Smoke (group show), Blindside Gallery. Melbourne.
2007  Ombres et luminére (Shadows and Light), Solo show. Goat Gallery, Natimuk.
2005 The Frame, Nati Frinj.
2002 the world's longest haiku (3.2km long) as part of the Natimuk Frinj Festival.

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