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Visual and Conceptual Art

Large sculptural picture frame looking over Mt Arapiles (Djurite) a cliff in Western Victoria
Images of artist and  Dave Jones with VR sets on their heads
An asymetric bookshelf with contemporary Vanitas objects on it.
A forest made of gaffer tape on Gallery walls.
A messy room - with robots and google smart technology
12 people framed by large sculptural picture frame.
Shadow of nude made by found box
Man in black dhorts and redshirt drawing a fish animation on a black wall.
Sculpture that forms a portrait of Walter Burley Griffin when viewed from right spot.
Shadow of the Statue of Liberty made from rubbish
Large blue inflatable pyrmaid in front of Djurite (Mt Arapiles)
Old powerstation with lights inside
Projection of rattlesnale behind desk.
Hand made paper with cover of pulp magazine on top.
Takeaway food containers full of different coloured liquids.
Dancer projected on smoke, Indonesia
Image of Russian woman in red dress  with arm raised.
A wooden bock with an A4 sign on its lid.
An Oak Tree
Projection of machinery on wooden hut
Artist adding tape to gaffer tape portrait of Japanese man
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