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Performance and Theatre

Although I worked with Y Space, Transience and others on major performances since 2003, and although these shows included performative elements, I did not think of myself as a performer. These included Space and Place in 2003 and again in 2004 as part of the Regional Arts Australia Meeting Place Conference, Cirque de Silo in 2005, and Latrobe Space in Place 2006. and

In 2006 I co-founded (with Loewendahl) Play at Being and performed and co-devised Arthur and Francois

(2006 Art is ... Festival, Village of New Performance Halls Gap) Skyjuice (2007 Malthouse, as part of a Regional Arts Victoria project) and Lit From Within (2008 Seedpod development in Castlemaine from Punctum and then as part of the Awakenings Festival Horsham). These were all performances that used puppets, found spaces and technology, and discussed serious issues.

I also performed in Anna Loewendahl's Natimuk Lake Show  2007, having a lead role in the radio play.

In 2008 I had a Besen Placement (direction) at the Malthouse Theatre with Aiden Fennesey. And at the same time finished my Masters in Visual Art (Public Space) at RMIT, on the topic of Shadows and Performance.

In 2009 Play at Being was transformed into Thieves. (Note: Scammers have set up a website at - this is totally bogus).

I was again a puppeteer in The Storm Glass 2010 (as Company in Residence for the Wesley Performing Arts Centre in Horsham). In 2010, inspired by a visit to Yogyakarta, my solo show Self, Love, Noise, Death at Natimuk's Goat Gallery consisted of four separate installations and performances over a month.

In 2012, again with Loewendahl's direction, I performed Olivers' Tale (funded by Australia Council's Theatre Board). This was a site specific one person performance, which I wrote. It was performed using solar charged car batteries on a remote Western Victorian salt lake.

Also in 2012 I was involved with Vic McEwan’s Uncovered: Uncovered, five artists working in response to works from the Wagga Regional Art Gallery collection (curated by Drew Halyday. My choice was entitled Silenus or a Faun at the Altar, and was a response to Robert Owen’s Altar.

In 2014 I repeated this performance as part of my Omnia Vanitas installation at the Goat Gallery in Natimuk.


In St Louis du Senegal I performed a Creative Development of La Radeau de Meduse.

Thieves are worked with Dave Jones on a technological complex story called Feed. They have received Australia Council Literature Board Funding and Regional Arts Funding for this.


The latest promo video can be seen here:


In November 2014 I was part of Performance Space's Time_Place_Space_Nomad residency in NSW, and has been part of the 2015 Residency in Victoria. I have also been part of a creative development with Joey Ruigrok on Round-Up, a planned large showground spectacle in the Northern Rivers.


In October 2016 I was Artistic Director of Artlands Opening Event, for the Regional Arts Australia conference/festival, Dubbo October.​ For this I worked with Vic McEwan (Narrandera), Joey Ruigrok (Mullumbimby), Dave Jones (Natimuk), Jo Clancy and the Wagana dancers (Blue Mountains ) and Kai Tipping (Bellingen) plus a hundred community members. And the awesome Good Crew!

In 2017 I was both Project Manager for Cementa 17, and performed How To Ruin A Good Walk, a boutique, bespoke performance for three on the Kandos Golf Course. I spoke about my personal history of golf, adultery and climate change.



Zen Zen Zo, Laura Sheedy ‘Viewpoints’, Born in a Taxi, I Made Sidia shadow masterclass, TheatreStrays (Singapore), Critical Stages Directing Workshop, Leeton. Richard Schechner Masterclass, Powerhouse, Brisbane. Evan Hastings and Yours Truly Theatre, Bangalore. Performance Art Lab at Big CI, presented by Gravity Research Institute and base-metal and hosted by Alan Schacher and Julie Vulcan.


2019-2020 NSW Artist in Residence.

2017 How to Spoil a Good Walk, Cementa17, Kandos, NSW.

2016 Artistic Director of Artlands Opening Event, for the Regional Arts Australia conference/festival, Dubbo October.

2015 Cassandra Redgum as part of Time_Place_Space_Nomad Victoria, the Otways and Natimuk.

2015 The Bank Sitting Room, On Common Ground, with CAD Factory Narrandera.

2015 The Passage, Cementa satellite program, Bird's Hut, with Bryden Williams, Cementa15.

2014 A reprise of Silenus and the Faun at the Altar in Omnia Vanitas, Goat Gallery Natimuk.

2014 Four performances as part of Time_Place_Space_Nomad, at Ganguddy and Narrandera.

2013 La Radeau de Meduse, Creative Development, WAAW, St Louis, Senegal.

2012 Silenus and the Faun at the Altar, Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery, Curated by Vic McEwan and the CAD Factory. (Top image) Jason Richardson's vid of the performance
2012 Bioskop Cermin Jatiwangi, Jatiwangi Artist Residency Festival, Jatiwangi, Indonesia. (Bottom image)

2012 Oliver’s Tale, Thieves, site specific Wimmera performance (Theatre Board). (2nd Image)

2011 The Ostrich and the Emu, Wimmera, Junction Festival, Tasmania.
2011 The Passionate Embrace, Instinc residency, Singapore.,
2011 Big Homer, Substation, Singapore. Dir. Steve Black.

2011 Majulah, Singapore.
2010 Self-Noise-Love-Death, Thieves, Goat Gallery, Natimuk.
2010 Poets in Transit, Thieves, Art is … Elemental Festival.
2010 Refuge Realities, Art is … Elemental Festival.
2010 The Storm Glass, Thieves, Wesley Performing Arts Centre, Horsham (funded RAF, Malthouse). (2nd image)
2009 Besen Foudation Scholarship, (Direction) A Commercial Farce, Malthouse Theatre.
2008 Lit from Within (Play at Being), Horsham Regional Art Gallery (November). (RAF)

With development through Seedpod at Punctum ICU Art Space in Castlemaine.
2008 Cyrk, Natimuk Garage Art Space, with Y Space.
2008 Skyjuice (Play at Being), RAV Small Stages project, Malthouse.
2007 The Nati Lake Show, Natimuk (Frinj). Vocal artist. Dir. Anna Loewendahl. (5th image)
2007 Arthur and Francois, The Village, Halls Gap, Beyond the Smoke Festival. (4th image)
2006 Latrobe Space and Place, Morwell (Commonwealth Games Arts Program)
2005 Cirque de Silo, Natimuk Frinj. (6th image)
2004 Space and Place, Meeting Place Regional Arts Australia conference, Horsham/Natimuk.
2003 Space and Place, Natimuk Frinj.

1978-1988 Australia's Greatest Hitch-hiker (Undocumented)

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