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Dr Greg Pritchard

About Us

Cube at lake.jpg

I am multi-disciplinary artist with a long history as performance artist, writer (in many genres), digital media artist, installation artist, and conceptual artist. I have worked independently and as part of various collectives and partnerships, to produce works that range in scale, from the giant celebratory spectacles of Nati Frinj and Poppet Bendigo to solo works on salt-lakes, golf courses and riverbanks. My personal performances deal with philosophical, political and environmental issues and range from socially engaged to theoretical and individual.


I am an experienced teacher and arts administrator, and have a Doctorate in Literature and Environmental Philosophy (Deakin) and a Masters in Art (Art in Public Space – RMIT). I am currently producing projects in both NSW and Victoria.

CVs: Click to download pdf

Education and Employment

Projection, lighting works, and Performance


Visual Art

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